Access Your Essential Power

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The Extra-Ordinary is invisible, intangible, seemingly inaccessible, and

yet it is everywhere: in the stars, in the earth, in the wave of the ocean,

in the wings of a butterfly, in the scale of a fish, in our genes and in the

cells of our bodies. The Extra-Ordinary is of quantum nature, a subtle

vibrational energy that entangles every single atom and molecule in the

universe. When we connect to that powerful energy, when we tune into

that higher frequency, all is possible. Miracles happen.

In this sequel to his award-winning book 7 Keys to Serenity

Creating Harmony Within, Serge Mazerand shares the real-life case of

a successful outcome to a cancer diagnosis and explains in easy-tounderstand

terms how quantum thinking works and how it can help

each of us heal in holistic fashion and transform our lives, particularly

in the area of Health and Wellness.

This book is about reconnection with our Essential Power and provides

efficient, proven strategies to turn things around, on demand, physically,

mentally and emotionally. You will learn in particular:

• How to exit the autopilot mode of life.

• How to transcend ordinary thinking – especially about

illness and disease.

• How to tap into the healing power of Intention – Affirmation

Attraction – Resonance – Self–Belief – Prayer – Focused Meditation.

• How to reconnect with Infinite Intelligence.

An exciting exploration of the quantum nature of human consciousness,

God Is Quantum transcends polarized perspectives of spirituality, and

offers much-needed solace and clarity to any individual who feels lost in

the face of adversity, uncertainty and change.

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