Serge Mazerand

Pianist–Composer–Recording Artist–Keynote Player–Author

I believe life is music, a melody we create everyday. I also believe that all of us are musical beings and that music and sound are our essence.

I feel passionate about self-empowerment, but also about healing human beings and the environment and made it my life mission to inspire audiences through music and words.

As a ‘keynote’ player, I tour and set the tone at conferences and workshops that focus on healing, self-help, health and wellness or spirituality. I perform interludes between speakers and also conduct specific healing and self-empowering programs such as ” Creating Harmony Within“, “Be the composer and conductor of your life symphony” and “Playing life by heart”.

Inspired by extensive classical training and a lifelong kinship with Nature, my music harmonizes body and mind, equalizes brain and heart and acts as a powerful catalyst, re-connecting audiences with their inner Self.

My new book–– 7 Keys to Serenity–– is a musical perspective on creating harmony within, inviting readers to embrace the art of conscious living. It is meant to inspire readers to become aware of their own power to create a healthy, vibrant inner environment by implementing a strategy of self-care, leading to authentic happiness and well being.

Feel free to browse through my blog for details.

If you are an event organizer or planner, feel free to contact me and let’s explore how I may contribute to make your next event even more transformational!

I have also recorded a number of albums under my private label “Keys to Serenity”. Some of my music is composed, some arranged. Much is simply intuitively improvised in the moment. The common thread is its meditative quality and healing power.

I invite you to take the time to sample my music and hope it will resonate with you. It is available in CDs and downloads on CD Baby as well as on iTunes,,, and most streaming platforms.

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