Serge Mazerand

Pianist–Composer–Recording Artist–Keynote Player–Author

I believe life is music, a melody we create every day. I also believe we all are vibrational beings and that sound is our essence.

I feel passionate about self-empowerment, self-care and self-healing and made it my life mission to inspire and contribute to heal my fellow human beings with music and words. My book “7 keys to Serenity” is a musical perspective on creating harmony within, inviting readers to become aware of their own power to create a healthy, vibrant inner and outer environment by implementing a strategy of self-care, thus creating authentic happiness and wellbeing.

I have also recorded a number of relaxing and healing music albums under the label “Keys to Serenity”. Some of my music is composed, some arranged and some is channelled in the moment. The common thread is its meditative quality and healing power.

I invite you to take the time and sample my music and hope it will find resonance in your heart. It is available for downloads on CD Baby,, and ready for listening on most streaming platforms such as Spotify.

I recently added water to my healing modalities. I have spent a lifetime around water, rivers, lakes and oceans, fly fishing and diving. Yet, I ignored water’s amazing healing powers within. Only lately have I discovered the importance of drinking water in maintaining optimal health. But all waters are not created equal. The pure, mineral-rich live water that tumbles down from the mountains is not what ends up in your tap or in a plastic bottle. I invite you to read my newest book “Just Add Water”. It is an eye-opener.

For further information on a wonderful ionizing machine I have become a fan of, please check out my site

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