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7 Keys to Serenity

2017 Nautilus Silver Award

Double Award-winning Finalist

2017 Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards

2017 International Book Awards

Categories: Health & Motivational Self-Help

Article in New Age Magazine

Please check out this short article in New Age Magazine: http://newagejournal.com/2007/keys-to-serenity-creating-a-strategy-of-self-care-during-distressing-times

Awareness & Self-Care

In a world of massive disruption and distraction, of obsessive connection to the internet and to our devices, ironically, we have come to lose the most important connection: the relationship with our essential self. In subtle and less subtle ways, this disconnect...

Authentic Happiness ( cont’d )

TRUE HAPPINESS = SELF-LOVE = SELF-CARE It may sound selfish to be talking of self-love. Yet it isn’t at all. Here is why: only when we love ourselves do we take care of ourselves and only then can we take care of others. Let’s use a metaphor that illustrates this...

What is authentic happiness?

To ask such a question implies that there is false happiness. And I would indeed argue that there is: an episodic, circumstantial happiness, based on external factors such as other people and things. Ask a hundred people around you how they would define happiness and...

We are the alchemists of our lives

  How to become the alchemist of your life. In the previous two articles, in my musical perspective on life, I have shared with you how awareness empowers us to attune to our internal music and how our belief system determines the music we play. Let us now see...

Belief: the key to your mental notes––Magazine article

  In my first article, “A musical perspective on life” I invited you to become the conductor of your personal orchestra––the thirty-five trillion or so musician-cells that play the sacred music of your life. We saw that awareness, the art of listening, is truly...

Life is all about music––magazine article

Here is an article I wrote for Okanagan Health Magazine and for Trifecta in Calgary, Alberta. How does this resonate with you?

Writing 7 Keys to Serenity:  How it all began…

Why, to begin with, would an improvisational pianist and composer of healing music want to write words instead of notes? Shouldn’t the music be left to do its magic? I asked myself these questions many times and had to conclude that,at some point, we need to go...

Healing the world—Healing Earth

The eruption of violence we see befall the world calls for us to pause and reflect on what we have become, as individuals and as a society. It should also awaken us to make important, mindful choices as to how we can contribute, on a personal level, to change things....

The healing power of music

“Every disease is a musical problem, its cure a musical solution” ~Novalis      How could one be so bold and reduce all illness to a musical issue? In fact, what the 18th century german poet meant to convey in such an inspiring manner was that every disease is a...

Interview with weight-loss coach Karen Donaldson on HealthyLife.net

Have a listen.... To contact Karen...Email: excelweightloss@gmail.com      Website:www.ExcelWeightLoss.com 

Interview on Solo in the City

Here's a lovely and interesting conversation with Love coach Cheryl Besner and co-host Ramona Meghdadi on creating harmony within relationships. Have a listen: Une belle conversation avec Cheryl Besner et Ramona Meghdadi sur SOLO IN THE CITY...Montreal. Comment créer...

WGEM interview with Greg Gawronski

Cool conversation with Greg in Quincy Illinois! Have a listen:

7 keys to Serenity featured on Brit+Co

  Creativity A Composer Explains Why Music Can Help You Feel Happier Krista Gray Jul 21, 2017 Have a peek! Brit + Co.

Interview with Orv Graham on WEZC’s “Sunday Morning Easy”

Great conversation with acclaimed host Orv Graham. Have a listen:

Interview with CICK 93.9 “Fireside”

Interesting conversation with host Genevieve Gilbert in the Smithers "Train Car"...Genevieve and I talk about topics such as anxiety, creativity and discipline...and how we can ultimately create authentic happiness in our lives. Have a listen here: Serge Mazerand.mp3

Interior Wellness Interview

Honoured and delighted to have had a great interview/conversation with graceful host Elizabeth Beeds of Interior Wellness Magazine. Listen here

iHeartRadio Interview

My interview with host Lee Sterry from CKTB iHeartRadio, Niagara. Listen Here

CBC Kamloops interview

Live Interview at CFJC Kamloops

7 keys to Serenity is getting more attention! Here is my interview with CFJC host Susan Edgell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E27fzML68oU

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