Every disease is a musical problem, its cure a musical solution~Novalis

     How could one be so bold and reduce all illness to a musical issue? In fact, what the 18th century german poet meant to convey in such an inspiring manner was that every disease is a vibrational problem. That makes perfect sense and here is why: music is essentially made of vibrations, of resonance, of different sounds, frequencies, harmonies and dissonances. And so are we, human beings, together with all other living things in Nature.

Nicola Tesla said ” If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

     While we easily understand the vibrational aspect of music and sound—we can readily picture a vibrating cello string in our mind or feel a drum beat resonate in our body—it takes quite a bit more mind bending to imagine ourselves as vibrational beings. After all, everything seems to be so compact, especially when we knock our heads on a cupboard or fall down hard on the pavement. And yet, quantum science clearly demonstrates that matter is not solid, that it is made of waves, of subtle fields, electrical, magnetic, thermal etc. that form the real matrix of life. It is these fields that create vibrational patterns.

     So, in effect, vibration truly is the sound of life and therefore it is no exaggeration at all to say that music is the fabric of life. We are literally made of music! Our everyday vocabulary reflects this reality. We “resonate” with people and things, we are in sync or not, we set the tone, words strike a chord and on and on it goes.

     In my upcoming book “ 7 Keys to Serenity—A pianist’s take on Creating Harmony Within” I invite my readers to realize that each of us is in fact the conductor of a huge orchestra that plays a symphony called homeostasis: a continuous melody that is made of harmony but also of tensions and dissonances that, under normal circumstances, resolve again into harmony. Each cell in our body is a musician playing a subtle melody yet at the same time, a conductor in its own right, orchestrating hundreds of thousands of actions and reactions every single second.

     Each group of cells that creates an organ vibrates at a specific frequency, a resonance, a rhythm at which it functions optimally. If, for any reason, that natural tuning is perturbed or disrupted, the cell isn’t at ease and cannot perform properly any more.

    Novalis was absolutely right: A disease is nothing else than a lack of ease in the way our cells play their melodies, an incoherence of internal vibrations, a cacophony of sounds.

     But what is healing to begin with? Many people scoff at the idea of needing to heal. I was one of them. They would be on the defensive and tell you that they aren’t ill or injured at all, so why would they need healing?

     But this isn’t about wounds in the flesh. This is about subtle and not so subtle emotional wounds that need healing as much as the physical ones. If they are left unattended, they fester and degenerate into much more serious issues. Most however are often underestimated, ignored or repressed. These subtle, energy-based injuries disrupt the normal frequencies of cells, slow or block altogether the flow of chi, our life energy, create conflicts and energy blockages that ultimately lead to disease.

     So, healing is in effect nothing less than re-establishing coherence where it has been disrupted. To re-harmonize what is in conflict. To tune up what is out of tune.

     However music alone will not be enough to achieve this in a lasting fashion. To create harmony within takes work and is a process. That is what led me to write my upcoming book 7 Keys to Serenity.

     In my next blogs I invite you to follow me as I share how this book came to be.

Stay tuned

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