The eruption of violence we see befall the world calls for us to pause and reflect on what we have become, as individuals and as a society. It should also awaken us to make important, mindful choices as to how we can contribute, on a personal level, to change things.

In an intimately connected way, the World and Earth are both clearly in a state of disarray, disruption, conflict and frustration. The events we witness now are nothing but the eruption of conflicts that have been simmering for a long time. Repressive policies, arbitrary border fixing and land attributions, dogma, racism, biased ideas and beliefs, corporate greed, irresponsible resource and environmental management, have all contributed to create the mess we are in.

The World and Earth clearly need healing. ASAP.

On a personal level, we often need a health crisis to wake up to the need of taking better care of our own bodies and minds. Cancer for example begins with a few cells that have gone rogue. When left untreated, the few grow and eventually kill the many. However, to cure cancer, it isn’t enough to bombard the body with chemo and radiation. Even though it may help, there are too many side effects. Instead, we must strive to heal the source. Cancer is the symptom of inner disharmony and incoherence. It is our cue that the body and the mind are out of tune.

To heal, we must therefore first re-establish harmony and coherence within, a holistic process that involves the heart and the mind, the emotional, the spiritual and the mental as well as the physical. Only when vibrational coherence, cooperation, re-connection and overall harmony are re-established in all these sections of our “orchestra” are we able to play in tune again.

What we witness these days on the world stage, is a few cancer cells that have gone on a rampage. However, bombing terrorist cells to smithereens isn’t the solution. Like in our bodies, it creates too much collateral damage and even more importantly, we need to find and address the source of the conflict. Rather than being distracted by the symptoms, we need to look at the big picture, expand our worldview beyond the narrow, greed-driven, agenda-filled perspectives that have led to a dis-eased society, leaving many of its cells with a sense of abandonment and hopelessness.

The sad situation in which we find ourselves today cannot be resolved by politicians, war planes or even full blown invasions. It can only be fully resolved by humanity as a whole. We are all cells of the world body and as such, for the common good, each of us needs to create and maintain harmony within. Only when we are fully attuned and in tune, do we create a harmonious holistic entity, a beautiful melody where there is no place for cancer or any other dis-ease to develop because we are precisely at ease.

For many of us, ensconced in the comfortable cocoons of our western lives, the Syrian refugee crisis is a perfect opportunity to begin healing; to think with our hearts and to still our minds; to call on love and compassion and transcend fear of the unknown. Healing truly begins within ourselves.

How do we achieve that? By attuning to our Selves, learning to detect potential inner conflicts and to defuse them in time; learning to accept, love and forgive ourselves for what are only past experiences; learning to master fear; learning to forgive others. We heal ourselves by re-establishing coherence within the subtle energy field that criss crosses our bodies and minds; by aligning thoughts, words and actions along a meaningful vision of life. Once we have re-established harmony within, it will by nature, spread without.

What is true for the world, applies to Earth. We didn’t listen to her subtle cries for help until they became significantly louder. Hit by a series of extreme weather patterns and natural disasters, earthquakes and landslides, hurricanes, fires and floods, Humanity now finally wakes up to Nature’s serious warnings. As the International Conference on Climate Change unfolds in Paris, we must pause and reflect on how we can, each of us, contribute to heal mother Earth. It isn’t one summit and a few politicians, however well-intentioned they may be, that will create effective change.

It is us, the seven billion or so cells that have created havoc in Earth’s body that need to be healed before Earth can heal. This requires a paradigm shift in our ways of thinking and behaving. At long last we must come to understand that by nature, we are intimately part of Nature, specks of vibrational energy among many other forms of vibrational energies. Our fate is inextricably linked to the health and happiness of the land, oceans, forests and animals; to the air we breathe and to the water we drink. Time has come to change our arrogant apprentice sorcerer’s attitudes, to make a 180 turn, from a space of taking and plundering to cooperating and participating in a respectful and sustainable way.

We also need to muster the courage and authenticity to rise and speak up about what we see happening around us, whether it is the catastrophic effects of fracking or unchecked pollution perpetrated by insensitive individuals or corporations. We need to hold our leaders accountable. After all, they are there only because we elected them to be there to do a specific job.

Healing the World and Earth isn’t going to happen from the top down but from the bottom up. The process begins within each of us. It unfolds with our everyday thoughts, words and actions and we must set our intentions to change what needs to be changed however painful it may be.

By the laws of attraction and entanglement, this regained inner harmony will unfailingly spread outward.

Only then will the World and Earth heal.

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