Pianissimo For My Baby

Serge Mazerand

  • Release 2012
  • Genre Relaxing/Healing/Insomnia

Track List

I composed this music with the specific intention of soothing baby. Melodies are simple, repetitive, sung alternatively by the piano, cello and violins. These instruments are known to have a particularly calming and reassuring effect on babies. Expecting mothers will also greatly benefit, listening to this album and baby will later recognize the sounds and melodies and consequently calm down immediately.

However I did not foresee the success of this CD with all the “old babies” out there who have difficulties falling asleep! Its meditative  and almost hypnotic nature does wonders to entrain brain waves  down from the beta state into the slower alpha and even theta state. This Cd is recommended for meditation, yoga, energy work and massage therapy.

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